Journées NovaTris

The Journées NovaTris have been held every year since 2013 at the Université de Haute-Alsace (UHA) and attract large audiences who are interested in topics relating to interculturality.

Their aim is to allow everyone (students, alumni, university staff, business world and civil society) to find out more about NovaTris’ different areas of activity and give them all an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. The programme for NovaTris Open Days includes workshops, lectures, meetings, debates and entertainment and promises to offer something new every year.

What People Say

When I visited the NovaTris Open Days in 2019, I had a really good time, taking in the interesting presentations and meeting some great people. One memory that stands out for me is a particular workshop where, after translating a French text into English (which had originally been in German), we played around with an improvisation in my work group. The fun and improvised aspects aside (don’t they do that in class?), the work on the translation turned out to be very instructive and I even learned something about the English language (dare I mention interculturality?)* Frédéric Drouhin, Deputy Vice President of the Learning Center, Colmar IUT, UHA

The NovaTris Open Days helped me to discover several innovative learning methods, and try them out for myself in workshops. I used them again successfully with my own foreign language students, who often enjoy rounding off the class with a fun exercise. What I also found very inspiring was the depth of thinking and analysis by the UHA teachers and researchers into the students’ acceptance of innovative practices.* Estelle Fromant, adult educator and German teacher, Strasbourg

*These comments have been translated from French.