Call for research project proposals

Image projets de rechercheIn supporting research projects, NovaTris has also reinforced the backing given to research into experimental pedagogies and the publication and transferability of the pedagogical programmes created.
Its support has also made a considerable contribution to the development and organisation of the Interculturality(ies) field of research at the Université de Haute-Alsace (UHA), aligning it more closely with a European university approach.

The call for research project proposals, open to all UHA research laboratories and their partners, gave backing to projects on themes that were linked to Novatris’ work on education and research (cross-border environment, interculturality, support, innovative language learning, transversal skills, etc.).

NovaTris assisted project developers by backing the design and implementation of their projects and enabling them to achieve their objectives.

Research Projects Backed by NovaTris

What People Say

NovaTris is an indispensable resource for research at the UHA from which all of the laboratories have benefited. The members of the Archimède laboratory at the UHA are wholly aware that, without the support and encouragement of NovaTris, they would not have been able get their project off the ground and undertake their research activities and obtain the personal and collective results that they achieved. *Maria Teresa Schettino, Director of the Laboratory of Archaeology and Ancient History of the Mediterranean and Europe (ARCHIMEDE)

*These comments have been translated from French.

NovaTris has no pending calls for research project proposals at the present time.