Mobility Grant

Study “cross-border” with complete peace of mind thanks to a NovaTris grant!

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NovaTris offers a grant to all students opting for mobility in the Upper Rhine area or enrolled on a bi- or tri-national course of study.

This long-term mobility aid programme enables students to fully immerse themselves in student life across the Rhine. NovaTris’ financial support helps students to cover the cost of travel, relocation and accommodation. This aid enables them to take full advantage of their experience abroad and discover another language and other cultures.

The total grant may amount to as much as €300 per month for a maximum of 10 months.

Terms & Conditions
  • The student must be abroad for study or a work placement in the Upper Rhine area or enrolled on a bi- or tri-national course (Franco-German or Franco-Germano-Swiss).
  • The student must submit a grant application for review and approval (or rejection) by a board appointed by NovaTris.
  • The amount of the grant shall be reduced if the student receives any other grant that is not means tested.
  • The student agrees to offer help during their time abroad. They will participate in promoting their course, NovaTris and the Université de Haute-Alsace (between 15 and 30 hours of input are required, depending on the amount of the grant awarded).

If you have any questions regarding the NovaTris grant, please contact us by email at

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What People Say

During my stay in Germany, funded in part by the NovaTris grant, I got to know German culture but I also got to know myself. *Claire Gassmann, Bachelor’s student in Tourism Management (bi-national course)

*These comments have been translated from French.

Photo credit : Conference of University Chancellors – Université de Haute-Alsace