Mobility with Eucor – The European Campus

5 universities, 3 countries, 2 languages!

The Université de Haute-Alsace is a member of Eucor – The European Campus. Thanks to this network of partner universities, students can fully customise their mobility, ranging from a one-off class to an exchange for a semester or an entire year.

In practice, students stay enrolled at their original university and do not pay any enrolment fees at the host university. They enjoy the same services as at the original establishment: access to online services, university restaurants and residences, special rates on public transport, borrowing from libraries, etc.

With the relevant teachers’ approval, they can gain ECTS credits during the period of mobility.

Visits Abroad

Students have the option to take one-off classes or entire modules or may go on a one-day visit to discover one of the universities in Eucor – The European Campus.

Semester or Year Abroad

Students have the option to spend a semester or an entire year studying at one of the Eucor member universities. They are advised to prepare for this kind of mobility at least 6 months in advance.

Advantages of Eucor mobility
  • Make the most of full customisable mobility
  • Take advantage of the support and assistance available from NovaTris every step of the way (choice of course, etc.)
  • No enrolment fees or travel expenses to pay
  • If you go abroad long-term and will be living onsite, be sure to apply for the NovaTris mobility grant
  • Discover other cultures and improve your German language skills

What People Say

My experience in Germany was rewarding, both culturally and in terms of studying. I learned a great deal about German lifestyle and how a large university like the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology typically operates. Karlsruhe is a city with lots to see and do. The KIT centre is very geared up to hosting foreign students. The support and assistance from NovaTris enabled me to devote myself fully to my semester of studies without needing to take a job on the side. It was a tremendous help and I don’t regret having given this semester in Germany a go! *Matthieu Lecomt, student in Mechanics, ENSISA, Université de Haute-Alsace

*These comments have been translated from French.

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Mobility with Eucor - The European Campus

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Photo credit : Conference of University Chancellors – Université de Haute-Alsace