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Image Carte Eucor -Le Campus européenThe Eucor – The European Campus European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) accommodates nearly 120,000 students, 14,000 PhD candidates and more than 15,000 lecturers and researchers at 5 universities in the Upper Rhine region:

Combining their capabilities to encourage cross-border mobility and cooperation, the 5 universities adopted a common strategic plan in February 2019 for the period 2019 to 2023. In this plan, their vision and the development of their alliance is embodied within a framework of joint projects, targets and activities in the fields of research, innovation, education and the qualification of PhD students:

  • Joint Courses leading to double or triple degrees,
  • Range of courses at all 5 universities: simplified administrative procedures, no additional fees,
  • Greater Mobility for students and staff between the five universities,
  • Joint research within the scope of various cross-border projects, particularly in the group’s priority fields,
  • Cross-disciplinary “Interculturality” focus that facilitates inter-university cooperation.

Cooperation between the universities provides access to highly specialised skills that can be developed to complement coursework and made accessible throughout the European Campus.

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NovaTris and Eucor – The European Campus

As a Centre for cross-border skills, NovaTris supports UHA students and staff in choosing and organising their mobility within Eucor – The European Campus.


Eucor – The European Campus enables Université de Haute-Alsace students to take classes and use the facilities (libraries, university restaurants, IT departments) at the partner universities without having to pay additional enrolment fees.

They can take bi- or tri-national classes, customise their course by supplementing it with  classes available at partner universities or going on an introductory visit. They may be entitled to a mobility grant.

NovaTris can also introduce students to other students from German and Swiss universities that are affiliated to EUCOR – The European Campus in order to improve their level of German through the tandem exchange method.


The Eucor – The European Campus universities encourage interdepartmental dialogue and cooperation.

The course “Communicating in Another’s Language” is aimed at the staff of the partner universities and offers intercultural and/or language modules.

With the Vis-ma-Vie mobility scheme, UHA staff can spend a few days exploring how a department similar to their own works in another Eucor – The European Campus university. Staff can link up with nearby partners and, in return, host their cross-border counterparts.

Through Eucor groups and the organisation of interdepartmental meetings, staff from the partner universities can meet each other and work together.

Eucor – The European Campus Tour

Since 1997, the Eucor Tour has been one of the highlights of the Eucor – The European Campus universities’ cross-border activities. On this tri-national circuit, linking the cities of the European Campus, more than 100 participants cover nearly 900 kilometres by bicycle.

On the Eucor Tour, which takes place every year in June, students, staff and alumni from the 5 universities can explore the places where their Eucor partners study, work and live, in a friendly atmosphere, while enjoying an opportunity for intercultural exchange. It is fully in line with the UHA’s key focus on cross-border cooperation, executed particularly by its NovaTris Cross-border Skills Centre.

Eucor – The European Campus Seed Money

The Seed Money scheme aims to provide start-up funding for innovative cross-border projects within the framework of EUCOR – The European Campus. Set up by the universities to encourage dialogue and networking between teachers and researchers from the member universities, this funding may be awarded to projects in the field of education or in the field of research and development (which covers PhD course projects).

What people say

The Seed Money funding will help to finance meetings between researchers from several disciplines and social sciences representatives, and to work with other researchers from universities in the Upper Rhine. It is also an opportunity for us to meet the people on the ground, who are working in the food sector, to understand how they operate and to see how they come up with these rules and systems to provide food that is healthy and accessible to everyone. Without the backing of EUCOR, the project would not have taken on its international and cross-border dimension. In 2021, it will also enable us to organise a symposium for tri-national researchers and practitioners.* Sébastien Mainhagu, Professor of Management Science at the FSESJ & member of CREGO - Project on Food Democracy and Meta-organisations
The “Eucor – Languages” Training project enables the UHA to work with other universities in various fields, particularly in languages. We want to come to a better understanding of our Swiss and German colleagues and counterparts so that we can work better together. Things are easier, exchanges are simplified, and cooperation can only increase, if we get to know our colleagues better and understand how they operate. The Seed Money has enabled us to develop our project. Cooperation between universities is always beneficial. This kind of funding makes it possible to get the ball rolling and expand and consolidate networks and relationships that already exist.* Samuel Ludwig, Professor English at the FLSH & Member of the ILLE Project, Eucor – Languages Training

*These comments have been translated from French.

Eucor - The European Campus


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The European Union supports cooperation within the group. Between 2016 and 2019, the “Eucor – The European Campus: cross-border structures” project was co-financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)’s Interreg VA Upper Rhine programme with a total sum of 2 million euros.

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