Train the Trainer

Image Formation de formateursThe teacher training course on intercultural support is intended for anyone involved in teaching or support – or who would like to be – and whose work touches on interculturality in the broadest sense (international, interprofessional, interpersonal, etc.)

Its aim is to enable learners to incorporate intercultural support methods into their professional projects and practices.

Each learner’s personal and professional experience forms an individual and/or group work base. On completion of the course, each participant will have thus developed tools suited to their own needs and circumstances.

Two Part Course

The course includes two consecutive sessions, each delivered over 3 to 4 days:

  • Session 1 : Introduction to NovaTris Teaching Methodology
  • Session 2 : Applying NovaTris Methodology to Participants’ Requirements

Session 2 is only for teachers who have already completed Session 1. The full course enables learners to familiarise themselves with tools and theoretical references. It includes an experimentation area in which everyone will have the chance to develop tools, learning and projects suited to their own circumstances.

After completing both sessions, learners will be able to support people and projects, taking intercultural issues into consideration. Complementing the classroom course, learners will have access to the NovaTris Toolbox, in which all the pedagogical tools developed by NovaTris are available for use in their own training courses.

> Session 1 : Introduction to NovaTris Teaching Methodology
In the first session, learners experience NovaTris’ Teaching Methodology as a participant. They acquire knowledge about intercultural questions and learn the pedagogical principles of intercultural support offered by NovaTris. This session also encourages participants to reflect on and expand their knowledge of active learning, experiential learning and intercultural issues.

> Session 2 : Applying NovaTris Methodology to Participants’ Requirements
The second session is only available to participants who have completed the first session. It provides them with assistance with a personal project that includes some aspect of supporting intercultural skills development. Learners co-construct an intercultural support system suited to their project, putting into practice what they have learned on the course, and developing new tools.

Course Schedule

Due to the current health situation, the NovaTris pedagogical team is forced to postpone the training scheduled for November-December 2020 to later dates. These new dates will be communicated as soon as it will be possible to plan the training in the conditions necessary for its good progress.

Priority will of course be given to those already registered.

What People Say

As a teacher and researcher, participation in this course had a twofold interest for me. I have been working interculturally for a long time and am interested in everything new in this field. Quite honestly, I found the approach during Session 1 quite disconcerting at first, but the instructors’ strategies finally made me question a fair number of principles that I was applying in my classes. Session 2, which was very intense, then helped me to enrich my classes with new methods (experiential learning, verbalisation of experience, etc.). This course forced me out of my comfort zone and helped me to reposition myself, both professionally and personally. I am now considering offering an intercultural support project at my university in Romania, where the approach proposed by NovaTris would be truly innovative. *Nora-Sabina Marcean, Master of Languages / Exchange Reader at the Institute of Romance Studies in the Language Faculty at the Université de Strasbourg

*These comments have been translated from French.